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Tech support links, and Setup Details.



pop3 server: pop3.outtasight.com.au
imap server: imap.outtasight.com.au

Outgoing SMTP server

Your outbound (SMTP) mail server must be set to that which is provided by your ISP.


FTP is enabled on your account, you can upload website files via FTP
using the server name and your user login:


DNS Servers

Primary DNS: nameserv1.outtasight.com.au ip:

Secondary DNS: nameserv2.outtasight.com.au ip:


SCP offers a secure alternative to FTP for moving files to and from your web
hosting account, SCP uses SSL secrity to log in and transfer you file
more securely than ftp.

To download an SCP Client for windows click below:

Click To Download WinScp


Detailed Website statistics are available for you site at:

Statistics are created using Webalizer. they are updated on a mothly basis.
If you require more regular updates. please email support and it can be arranged.


Webmail is available for all accounts to access it go to:


Outgoing SMTP settings

Outgoing smtp is only available as an additional service and requires authorisation with username and password to configure your mailclient to use it follow the steps below.

Step One - Open your mail account

Step 2 - Double click on you account to edit it

Step 3 - Go to the servers tab and tick the Outgoing mail server then click on settings

Step 4 - Enter your supplied username and password and hit ok

Step 5 - Hit apply or ok to close all settings windows