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Search Engine Friendly Websites

So what makes a search engine friendly website?


Oddly enough having things in a certain order is important for example meta tags need to be in the right order to be read correctly by search engine spiders

Links: Make sure your links are able to be followed by a spider using absolute links And always link back to your homepage from every page.

Include a sitemap: sitemaps are important. They not only help people find pages on your site but also ensure every page on your site that is listed will be spidered


More important content needs to be higher up on your page. Spiders work sequentially down the page and putting important terms and words you want to target at the bottom of your page will not serve you well.

Remember a search engine spider does not work like your ordinary browser. It works like a text browser. It does not read images or media on the page, rather it reads the text for its index.

So the balance of style and content is important. Too many images and not enough content will mean your site will not show up in search engine results. Too much and you may be seen as spamming.

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